Massey Ferguson 35 Workshop Manual

Here’s another workshop manual I recently came across. It covers all of the Massey Ferguson 35 tractors and is 383 pages long.

Download: Massey Ferguson 35 Workshop Manual


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  1. hi
    can’t download massey ferguson 35 workshop manual

  2. Are you getting an error?

  3. Hi I was able to download successfully, my question: this manual is exclusively for the diesil engine, I was wondering if you happened to have access to the same manual for the petrol (gas) engine, same tractor?

  4. A free manual download!! Thank you Cian – very much – my dotty daughter has just bought a refurbished MF35 for her husband for Xmas. This will make an excellent Xmas tree present for him to learn how to repair it, when needed!! Terry

  5. No problem! I’m sure it’ll be needed with the new purchase!

  6. it has aproblem with adobe to open up

  7. Try re-downloading the file, it may have gotten corrupted during download.

  8. It will not download. Seem process stopping and nothing happens? I tried a number of times

  9. Hi I dont suppose you have a workshop manual for a massey ferguson 28? I have just brought one and a manual would be a great help 🙂

  10. bene bene

  11. many thanks for this manual

  12. Thank you for making this available.
    It’s a wet and windy weekend here in southern uk ,just right for compiling a parts wish list for a bit of winter maintenance.

  13. Hi Cian,
    Thanks for the tip about the manual.
    I’m wondering if you can help me with how to remove an old light switch from my 35x….or failing that how I might get better access to it? Do I need to remove the steering wheel to get the dash off? Seem s a bit extreme to me….I just can’t see how the switch is installed.
    Thanks for any helpful hints you may have.

  14. Hi was wondering if you have a manual for a massey ferguson 1020 hydrostatic diesel? we just bought one and some kind of manual on it would be a great help! Thanks!

  15. hi cian
    i hava mf35 for doing up engine is ok
    i was hoping to buy required parts and get somebody to re build it
    could you recomend a competent mechanic to do job
    i live in north galway area

  16. thank you great help do you have the parts and operator manual for mf35 massey ferguson what help alot kids gave me one as stay busy projet

  17. The captcha code would not be submitted. Here we go again….Thank you for making the MF35 Service Manual available. Top marks.

  18. i have a massey ferguson 35 1960 gas engein starving for gas what to do

  19. Hiya, just tried the download but the amazon service gives me Access Denied error.

    Many thanks!

  20. cant down load manual show up as an error is it posible to email the manual

  21. Hi Cain,
    I was so glad to see the manual for the MF 35 on your blog but when I tried to download it I got an error. is the manual still avaialble?


  22. In Canada and just got FE35 4 Cyl diesel 1959?
    Your manual would be great but get an Error code and can’t download.
    Any Download assistance would be greatly appreciated.

  23. I’m not able to download the manual. one link says the domain is available for purchase and the other just gives and error

  24. I am getting an error I click on the link and attempt to download. Suggestions?

  25. Can’t download keep getting an error?


  26. Hello,
    is it possible for you to renew the link or mail me a working link for the Massey Ferguson 35 Workshop Manual ? It would really help me ,i have 2 mf 35 1 of 1958 and the other one is from
    1959 .Thank you very much.

  27. I get an access denied error when I try to download the manual

  28. The link has been fixed now.

  29. The link has been fixed now.

  30. The link has been fixed now.

  31. The link has been fixed now.

  32. The link has been fixed now.

  33. The link has been fixed now.

  34. The link has been fixed now.

  35. The link has been fixed now.

  36. The link has been fixed now.

  37. Hi Cian
    Many thanks for posting the MF35 workshop manual and other interesting items on your website. I have a few TE’s and have just purchased a 35 industrial so this manual will be invaluable.
    Kindest regards
    John S.

  38. Thanks for the download!

  39. Looking for massy ferguson tractor model 35 shop manual

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