IVETA Indoor Vintage Show Cavan 2009

The IVETA Indoor Vintage show is a one-of-a-kind show that took place in the fantastic equestrian centre in Cavan town. The fact that the entire show was indoors meant that people came in their hundreds to view the huge collection of vintage machinery without any worries about the weather.


Anyone attending the show would have done well to see about half of the show within the day such was the great variety of things to see. There was everything from very rare American tractors to a beautifully restored Ford Anglia rally car.

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For me and more than likely for many others, the tractor build was the highlight of the day. For anyone who has never heard of the like before, the tractor build involves 3 teams competing to assemble a Ferguson 20 TVO tractor in the fastest time possible. The competition has been running for a few years now and is proudly supported by Irish Vintage Scene. Back when the competition first started, a time of 15 minutes was a phenomenal achievement. It’s no wonder though that time has well and truly been smashed as the teams have been putting in huge amounts of work in and that became evident in Cavan. A new team from Cork smashed the previous record with a staggering time of just over 6 minutes. There was certainly a lot of surprised faces when “the newcomers” set a new world record.

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The auction was a great success and it was certainly nice to see bidding wars taking place in these terrible economic times. Some of the highlights of the show for me were a beautifully restored Ford 7000, several immaculate Massey Ferguson 35’s and the Ford Anglia rally car above.

As always the photos are in the gallery so do take a wander over and look, plenty of shots from the tractor build there also.

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Keep motoring !!!


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