Massey Ferguson 35X Restoration – Introduction & Overview


This restoration project has been a long time coming and this Massey Ferguson 35X is well overdue a restoration. IMGP3409

It has spent most of it’s life working for us doing everything from transport box work to running a cement mixer and mowing the meadows. It has had it’s fair share of hardship, something that’s quite evident from it’s condition. But it’s not all bad, the tractor has stood the test of time quite well, it’s bonnet has remained in almost perfect condition apart from some rust that has taken hold of the lower section behind the number plate. The engine is in good condition and will only require a small amount of work to remove some missing that occurs when it’s under high revs. Some major work will be required on the brakes of the tractor and on the hydraulic lift which is leaking oil. The steering box will also require some attention as it is very loose and is obviously worn quite badly as well as the front axle and front hubs.

IMGP3414 This particular 35X has a standard normal width chassis, diesel engine, dual clutch and differential lock. It was fitted with a Duncan weather cab and 135 mudguards which won’t be going back on the tractor, instead, the original 35X mudguards will be used. We don’t know when the hours clock stopped working but it had 3900 hours on the clock. Most of the tractor is original, some parts were changed over the past few years such as the clutch and starter. It is intended to keep the tractor as original as possible so we will only be replacing parts where absolutely necessary.


The first part of the restoration involved removing the cab and mudguards. Like a lot of mudguards on old tractors, these wouldn’t budge to easily. Fortunately, we were able to cut the bottom of the studs so that a heavy duty socket and socket wrench could be used to loosen and remove them. Once this was done, the cab and mudguards were lifted off the tractor together.  IMGP3519

The next step will be to get the tractor into the garage and begin work on the brakes of the tractor.

See below for some more photos.


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  1. Hi Cian, have you progressed with the 35x? We have one in similar condition that i’m currently planning to restore. I’m just sourcing a few parts now.

  2. Hi Conor, work is progressing nicely at the moment. I’m hoping to have a new update for the site this weekend to show our progress so far. So far, we’ve got most of the parts we’ve needed from QTP Tractor Parts. Cian.

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